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  • Well Targeting Using AVO-Inversion(.pdf, SEG Paper, Houston)

    This paper focuses on the application of pre-stack seismic inversion to delineate gas reservoirs for development well targeting of the Muda Field in the Malay Basin.

    A comprehensive development well targeting workflow was established to integrate information from all related disciplines and convert them into an optimized well design. One of the key tasks in this workflow was to select an appropriate seismic attribute to identify the distribution of reservoir sands in this area. These reservoirs are generally characterized by thin sands inter-bedded with coals.

    Relative Poissonís Ratio (RPR) was used to identify reservoir targets prior to development drilling. Drilling results later indicated that a high proportion of the proposed anomalies (87%) correspond to gas sands. The remaining (13%) are related to highly saturated sands, Additional Zones of Interest (AZIs) or shale.

    Preliminary results therefore demonstrate that the RPR attribute can be used as an effective tool in development well targeting.

  • Elastic Impedance Inversion(.pdf, PGCE Paper, Kuala Lumpur)

    This case study focuses on development well targeting using the methodology of elastic impedance inversion to identify effective seismic attributes for delineating thin gas sands formed in a tidal environment with massive coal-beds.

    The study area is located in the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA) to the north of the Malay Basin. The reservoir sands, statistically are less than 10 meters and inter-bedded with coals. Seismically, the reservoir sands are below seismic tuning thickness resolution and strong coal reflections interfere with the conventional post-stack seismic data.

    A comprehensive workflow based on pre-stack elastic impedance inversion was developed to address the aforementioned effects and gain more value from the seismic data. The workflow includes three key steps: modeling, processing and interpretation.

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