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QITeam Software Gather Conditioning  
  Gather Conditioning - to avoid garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)

  • Post-stack seismic was stacked/masked from the un-conditioned NMO gathers
  • Prestack seismic gather is the most reliable and info-rich data
  • Starting with Prestack seismic gathers is preferred (angle-stacks is the 2nd option)
  • Challenges:
  • Far offset noise
  • Residual near offset multiples
  • Signal-to-noise ratio
  • Far vs. near frequency content
  • Deep vs. shallow frequency content
  • Seismic vertical resolution
  • Residual seismic phase
  • Residual moveout
  • Far vs. near amplitude
  • Deep vs. shallow amplitude
    Possible solutions:
  • Noise attenuation
  • Frequency enhancement
  • Wavelet phase calibration
  • Time alignment (8)
  • Amplitude calibration

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